The male beachwear brand MONOCEROS was founded in 2014 in Moscow. It was the first underwear brand in Russia that produced underwear, swimwear and fetish clothes for men only. Every year the company creates a new collection of vivid male swimwear and shorts with exclusive color combinations. Each collection has a big success in Russia, and far beyond its borders. The geography of MONOCEROS clients covered the globe long ago. MONOCEROS male beachwear is loved and proudly worn in the USA, Spain, Australia, France, Germany, and in other countries. The army of our fans is growing every day.


Male beachwear MONOCEROS is created for self-confident men, living big city life. They are good in fashion, and are not afraid to be in the highlight. They always choose only the best.

In the original MONOCEROS male swimwear and shorts it is easy to show your individuality and style on the beach, when you have just a minimum of clothes. That’s why in the collection of the brand there are narrow sports trunks for water sports, more elongated models and modest ones for more conservative guys, as well as all types of shorts for those who would always prefer more spacious and freedom styles. Brave adventurers and pool party lovers would go for bright flashy models with fluorescent or floral prints.


Each size of male swimwear and shorts with prints correspond to the average constitution of men. It may seem that MONOCEROS was created for athletic guys only, but it is not true. In this underwear every man feels more confident, relaxed and sexy.

The company uses special materials which dries quickly, fits well and doesn’t fade in the sun. All accessories are resistant to salty seawater and chlorinated swimming pool water, therefore none of the MONOCEROS elements are subject to rust or aging.

Each collection is released in small batches, and each model is absolutely original. We offer unique branded prints and daring styles for different types of male figures.

Add more bright colors to your life with MONOCEROS!